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The Mermaid by Michael Faudet

This picture speaks to me
George told [Ruth, a loyal Beatle fan] that he and Pattie had arrived back late one night and went straight to bed. In the middle of the night, George was woken up. His hand had dropped off the bed and was hanging by the side. What woke him was that something had brushed against his hand. He opened his eyes, thinking it was the cat. He looked down and saw two girls crawling out from under his bed! He jumped out of bed, flicked on the light and screamed. He started after the girls, who by this time had got out from under the bed and were racing through the house for their lives. George stopped long enough to throw a robe on and explained quickly to Pattie, who was asking him what the hell was going on. Poor George. By the time he resumed the chase, the girls had escaped out of the front door and were halfway down the driveway. He returned to the bedroom upset and exhausted. Pattie gently explained to him that the girls must have got in while they were out. George asked ‘How? The door was locked.’ Pattie pointed to the open window in the bedroom. They always left it open so the cat could get in. Carol Bedford (Apple Scruff) (1966)

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